About Japanese Sake I

Hello, everyone!

Do you like Japanese sake?

In case you are wondering if I like it, I can tell you that I do like it, but not that much. If I am being served sake I take a small sip, but I don’t go to buy it myself. This is not a rare thing among young Japanese people. By the way, Hiroshi loves sake.


There are two types of sake bottles. The one shō bottle (一升瓶), and the four bottle (四合瓶). The one shō bottle is 1800ml, and the four bottle is half of that.


the one shō bottle



The four bottle. It has almost the same size as a wine bottle.



This is the standard size for one . The container is called ichigō masu (一合升).


The one shō bottle is more reasonable if we think about the price and the volume, but it has an enormous disadvantage in that it is too big to fit in the fridge.


The Japanese sake is not that strong, so if you want to try different types of sake, I recommend you to buy four bottles. If you already have a favourite sake, and you want to drink only that one, the one shō bottle is by far a better deal.


For next time, I drank several types of sake to compare them.

I will get back to you with to my report!