We went to Toei Kyoto Studio Park I

This is the last stop of our journey! Thank you for visiting our blog throughout the entire month! For our last round, we went to a peculiar touristic spot in Kyoto.


This is it: Toei Kyoto Studio Park. In spite of the rain, we went forward with our plan.

It is a theme park about Japanese movies, a quite old one. (it opened in 1975)

A part of the filming studio of Toei, the Japanese company of production, distribution and entertainment located in Uzumasa, was transformed into the Toei Park. Toei is making both anime and movies, so most probably all Japanese people have seen at least one piece made by this company at one point in their life.


This time, I invited a friend who likes history to come along with us. Hiroshi is going for the first time in 30 year, I have not been here in 25 years, and my friend in 20 years.

When I went 25 year ago, it looked kind of deserted. I am wondering how it looks now, a quarter of a century later.

Let me tell you right away!


The entrance fee is 2400 yen (1 adult).


Once we got in, we are greeted by various characters from anime.

The characters in the upper picture I thought were from the anime for young girls called “Futari wa Pretty Cure” (literally “The Two Girls Pretty Cure”), but there is an entire crowd there, way more than the two characters I was expecting. I wonder when did they multiply like this?

In the bottom picture, there are characters from Dragon Ball, an anime that has constantly been popular since the 1980s. The display was rather random. Part of me wants the figurine from the right side, the old man with sunglasses.


Inside this park that is not even trying to hide its 21st century modern feeling, we are guided by this person looking like they are coming straight from the Edo period. It feels kind of strange.


Inside the park, there are several streetscapes that were used for filming period dramas. This here is (the entrance to) Yoshiwara street. I am passing by it wondering if it’s ok to have these display windows meant for prostitution in a theme park for kids.


We are not allowed in here since the place is used for filming. It must be dating from sometime around the Taishō period (1912-1926).


We can also see the back side of the set from the Taishō period. It has a more solid structure than one would expect.

To be continued tomorrow…