We Went to Toei Kyoto Studio Park! II

All right! Let’s continue our trip!


A sword fighting show was put on, it lasted around 15 minutes.

The character to the left wearing the umbrella hat is Okada Izō (his other name, Hitokiri (man-slayer) Izo, is more famous). The man in the middle wearing the blue haori is Okita Sōji, it seems. They both lived at the end of the Edo period (1603-1868).

The actors deeply ignored the historical accuracy and wore masks (preventive measure against the corona virus).



This is the meeting place for Shinsengumi (a special police force) of which Okita Sōji was a member.



In the house in front of the meeting place, there were a ninsōgaki, which is the equivalent of a WANTED poster, and a sodegarami (tangle-sleaves), a utensil used to capture criminals (the policeman would slide the fork so that it tangled up in the kimono sleaves of the criminal and then they would knock the criminal down).

It seems that this was a rather agitated area.



Next to the meeting place of Shinsengumi, there is a lake, home to a dinosaur that is coming out once in 5 minutes to say hello; quite often I’d say.  



We found an antique shop!



What do you think? Any wealthy people around?



Then, let’s check out the souvenir shop!


To be continued tomorrow….