We Went to Toei Kyoto Studio Park III

Just a little bit more of the movie theme park scenery.


This “Bridge” set can often be seen in the period dramas. It is not very clear in the picture, but the foreground part is considerably steep. I’m guessing that the actors wearing zōri (Japanese sandals) during a rainy scene must be pretty scared not to slip.



This is how the other side of the bridge looks.


This is an atelier where they repair the rao, which is the middle part of a kiseru (a sort of smoking pipe). Apparently, this occupation was still existing when Hiroshi was a child. Nowadays, the number of people using kiseru pipes has decreased, so we don’t see this kind of shops anymore.


There is also a space where pictures and objects of people connected to movies are displayed.


This is Kurosawa Akira. He is a famous film director.



This is Hasegawa Kazuo. He was active from before the Second World War up to the period after the war. Long time ago…



This is Tsuburaya Eiji. He is a film director famous for the tokusatsu special effects. He is the father of Godzilla.


Let’s check out the souvenir shop!



There was a special corner, probably connected to Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Tim, (an anime).



My friend looking at Matsudaira Ken (an actor, still alive) goods. For some reason, this feels surreal. I was thinking of buying a clear document folder as a souvenir, but Hiroshi did everything he could to stop me from doing it. I ended up not buying anything.



The cherry blossom was beautiful both inside and outside the park.



Therefore, our one month blog has reached its final day! Thank you for keeping up with our updates. We would be very happy to hear your opinion and impressions next time we meet!


Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art is hoping to receive your support from now on as well!